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engagement gift ideas for couples

Engagements are super fun especially when it’s your own engagement. What’s more fun than that is the wait till marriage after the engagement. Talking on a phone call for hundreds of hours. Getting to know each other and trying to live every moment. But this experience can be more interesting if you and your fiance expressed love for each other. At first, the thought of expressing love can be nerve wrecking and breathtaking but don’t be shy. Express your love with a gift, to make things easy for you we have come up with some romantic engagement gift ideas for couples.

These gifts will make it easy for you to express your feeling to your fiance fearlessly. These gifts will also make it super romantic for the both of you. Now let’s find the perfect gift for your fiance.

5 super cute engagement gift ideas for couples

cute engagement gift ideas

Ring Dish

engagement gift ideas for couples

This would be the perfect gift for your fiance. As you both have just got engaged a ring dish would be just the right gift for her. Moreover, every night when she takes off the ring from her hand, she’ll remember you. Now you can get her a ring dish of her color choice and get the ring dish printed with both of your initials and a heart in between something like this (U ❤️A) or soon to be Mrs. Aparna. This gift would absolutely be the best gift for your soon to be wife.

Mr - Mrs Cup

personalised engagement gifts

This gift is so adorable. Head out to a local gift shop and search for couple cups or mugs. Try to find the ones with Mr and Mrs written on each. Or you can get the same mugs online and also get it customized. There are many sites that have customized gifts online. You can select the colour of the mug and colour of the font in which Mr and Mrs will be written. Pro tip advice - Get the engagement date printed inside the mug on the base

Photo frame

engagement gift ideas for her

This is an amazing gift. Find the perfect picture, best would be the one in which you are putting a ring on her finger. Edit the picture if needed and get it printed at a photo studio or a printing shop, don’t print it at home. After this, find a good photo frame, it’s best to get this online. Customize this photo frame by engraving the date of your engagement on the bottom and writing the first names of you both ( EMILY AND SCOTT 8.8.17) This would be a lovely photo frame to hang on the wall or to keep by the side table.

Engagement Bracelet

traditional engagement gifts

Now, this is the most adorable gift for your fiancè, she will be surprised by this one. Just find an online store or even a local one that customises jewellery. Select the material and colour in which you want the bracelet to be in. Select a cute design also use a nice font to write the engagement date with. To make it more cute and special you can add hearts to the bracelet, making it more romantic than it already is.

Name Necklace

personalised engagement gifts

This is another cute jewellery gift for your fiancè. All you have to do is find an online store or a local one that customises jewellery. Select the material for the necklace and select the colour in which you want the necklace to be in. Select a cute font in which her name will be written. Choose a curvy font, that makes it look more cute and also try to add a heart to the end of her name. This is an adorable gift for your soon to be wife. She will definitely be on cloud nine after this. The most adorable engagement gift ideas for couples.
There generally isn’t a category of which kind of gift is the perfect one or which ones aren’t. But the thing that definitely matters is the deed with which we present the gift. Once you have good deeds, our gift also turns out to be the most perfect.

good wedding gift for an Indian couple

And if we go talking according to the society's norms, then the things that get highlighted are, which side invited us to the wedding either the groom’s or the brides or both the sides, their closeness to us; mostly it is about the family bond.

Deciding something on these conditions could be quite difficult, and frankly speaking I think, whatever kind of gift we want to present should actually be presentable.

Here I have a list of gifts that we could generally give to a couple who is getting married. These results are based on my norms instead of the societies norms.

Couple watches:

good wedding gift for an Indian couple

This although is the most common gift given at weddings, yet they hold the same value. They are specially designed for these occasions and I think are quite in trends and also look and feel elegant while presenting.

Laughing Buddha:

 wedding gift for an Indian couple

Give them the gift that could bring lots of happiness and luck at the same time. This laughing Buddha could be an as a sign that you are truly happy that they are getting married and you truly wish for their well being!

The good luck Chinese bamboo:

wedding gift ideas for an Indian couple

Just like the laughing Buddha, this Chinese bamboo could be a reason for their life to be joyful and merry! Wish them a happy married life with these good luck Chinese bamboo and show them that you actually wish for their marriage to be successful.

Home decor:

good wedding gift for Indian couple

They are going to start a new chapter in life and let them start it with very bits and pieces absolutely new. Gift them home decor items which are fancy and at the same time could be a nice part of their new chapter and their new home. Let them remember you for the gift you gave them.

A set of rejuvenation kit:

wedding gift ideas for Indian

Give them the things that they would need the most, a rejuvenation kit. After the wedding is done, the next time that they would require is a rejuvenating kit which will help them soothe and relax.

A wedding hamper:

traditional wedding gift for an Indian couple

Present them a wedding hamper. This could be a little tricky as to which is to be bought, but what you can do instead is that you can make one wedding hamper. You can make a personalised wedding hamper by adding all the thing of your choice which you think could be helpful.

Something auspicious:

good wedding gift for an Indian couple

Gift them something that is auspicious and at the same time is very traditional and more a wedding kind of gifts. It should be very difficult to find something like this. You can consider the fact of giving an idol of some god or goddess. Wish them luck and in a manner incorporating your blessing in the gift.

So, there were few suggestions……
Happy gifting! 😊

The cherry on my icing!

Firstly, Preheat an oven to 180℃. Then line the tin with a parchment paper. Take 250 gms of butter and the same amount of sugar, and then beat them together., until their colour slightly changes or they turn into one. Now beat two eggs, and then combine them with the butter and sugar mixture and then beat them together. This process is very necessary to make the cake a lot spongy and light. Baking is an art, and for obvious reason is a time-consuming process. This process needs a lot of patience too. Now, getting back to our cake, now you require all-purpose flour. Wondering what could that be? Now, let's check the other way around, go online and look for Online cake order in Hyderabad. How many steps did this require?

Eating a cake is fun, but baking it isn’t. And in today's world who has time to make them, instead avail the Online Cake Delivery in Hyderabad and chuck out all the mess. Alas, you could have known this earlier, when everytime you kept your heart and soul to bake a cake and then finally deciding to buy something of the bakers choice from the bakery, just because the cake hasn’t perfectly risen or you can just online cake order in Hyderabad.[1]

Cakes for every occasion

A cake is a perfect thing for every occasion. A party isn’t a party without a cake. I am pretty sure when it comes down to cakes, everybody has their own personal favourite flavour. They are available in many flavours and designs for all age groups.

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online cake order in hyderabad

A birthday without a cake is like an aquarium without water. Just as bland as a soup without salt. Though how grand be your party, it is still incomplete without a birthday cake. Find Online cake order in Hyderabad and same day delivery Hyderabad without any fuss. Any flavour, any size and anytime. You could find them for all age groups as well.[2]


Wish your friends and family by ordering an Online cake order in Hyderabad for any occasion. You could send cake to Hyderabad from any corner of the city. You can ask to write a lovely message or even better tell your message and your online cake vendor would write them for you.

Hungry?.....order a cake

Times of despair is when you crave for a cake and get to eat a bread. Save your hunger and craving for your cake by Online cake order in Hyderabad and Same day delivery Hyderabad.

Perfectly baked, fresh and juicy cake available online Cakes in Hyderabad.

I cannot,  believe I could bare you for so long…...Happy Anniversary! ;)

An anniversary is a perfect time to count your milestone of togetherness. Why not celebrate this endless care, support, concern and togetherness with a beautify and delicious cake. Find any cake of your choice and place Online cake order in Hyderabad and get Same day delivery Hyderabad.

I’m a vegetarian...

Customer to the proprietor: Do you bake eggless cakes?

    Proprietor: Arrrr…’am how are we supposed to bake a cake without eggs?

I know right, just the vegetarian thing! Eggless cake online order Hyderabad is not a problem at all. Eggless cakes are just as easy to find now. You could get Eggless cake online order Hyderabad in very easily, get same day delivery Hyderabad or send cake to Hyderabad as easily as you can eat it.

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What flavours do you have?

A cake is exciting, but what could be more exciting is if you just find your flavour. A lot of variety of flavours are available, pineapple, chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, strawberry, litchi,  black forest, red velvet, both egg or eggless. Not only cakes but cupcake of your personalized colours and flavours are available. Get online cake order in Hyderabad or just ask for eggless cake online order Hyderabad, even better online Cake Delivery in Hyderabad and get same day delivery Hyderabad.

Are they fresh?

Cakes baked so fresh and juicy that you cannot resist ordering them once again. All the cakes baked are taken care of like a baby and then baked with nothing but love, just to add that extra happiness and joy to your celebration.
Cakes add that extra sweetness to your celebration and as well as to your life!
So what are you celebrating today?

Gifts for engagement party ideas

Your dear one is getting engaged, planning to go to an engagement party but don’t know what to gift the couple. Well, you have landed on the right page, this post shares the gifts for engagement party ideas.

gifts for engagement party ideas

Although there are several gifts for engagement party ideas that can be given but the personalised engagement gifts are the best to give to the lovebirds. A personalized photo frame in which there is a photograph of the newly engaged couple is the best gift to give on the engagement.

Other gifts for engagement party ideas can be giving just a decorative frame in which a photo can be put. Giving a photo album for putting the engagement photos is a good choice. You can also give the couple a romantic book of poems, romantic love story or a wedding planner book. This would be a perfect book for the couple. After the engagement, the couples are really nervous as they are going to start the new phase of the life. A wedding guide is a beautiful gift that can be given to the couple on the engagement.[1]

Engagement gifts for him

gifts for engagement party ideas for him

You can give a gift of wedding attire, the dress for the occasion of the wedding as a gift. There are many occasions, that fall in the series of marriage function. This is one of the most useful gifts that can be given to the boy.

Confused what to  give to the girl on Engagement, try Engagement gifts for her India

Engagement gifts for her India

There can be many engagement gifts that can be given to her, and the best gift that can be given to her makes her booking at the beauty salon, where she can go and make herself feel relaxed and more beautiful for the occasion of wedding.  

Engagement gifts for him from her

Engagement gifts for him from her

The occasion of engagement is very special, and the couples should exchange the gifts between themselves to make the occasion memorable for the lifetime. The best gift you can give to him is a personalized greeting card and his favorite watch. On the card, you can express your feelings and make him feel special.

Engagement party gifts for couples

You can give several gifts for couples for an engagement party such as

Heart in Sand Square Framed Print

Engagement party gifts for couples

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This is a wonderful personalized painting that can be gifted to the couple on the occasion of wedding, you can simply have the names of the two in the heart-shaped painting and make the couple feel on the top of the world. This is the beautiful gift that can be used by the couple to decorate their houses.

Personalized Cushion

Engagement party gifts for couples

You can gift a couple, a cushion with their favorite photograph of engagement with the engagement date and make them feel special.

Love Birds Canvas

Engagement party gifts for couples

This is the most beautiful and amazing gift that can be given to the couples on the occasion of their engagement and make them delighted and happy.

Love You Mug Set

Engagement party gifts for couples

This is the perfect gift for love-birds, after getting married when they will drink a cup of coffee together with each other, this surely brings the smile on their faces and remember the beautiful memories of engagement whenever they see your gift.

Custom Photo Wine Label


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This is also the type of personalized gift that can be given to the newly engaged couple. The photograph of the couple on the wine bottle is surely one of the amazing gifts for engagement party ideas to give and make it special.

Where it all began Wall Art - Perfect Gifts for Engagement Party Ideas

The first meeting is very important, you can have a wall art, painting, or frame which shows the date on which they met together or at the place where they met. This one is just the perfect Surprise gift that can be given to the couple on their special day.


The traditional engagement gifts can range from jewelry and clothing for both bride and groom. You can give jewelry which would make the girl look more beautiful.

The engagement is the beginning of the new journey of the couple. Shower your love and blessings to them by unique engagement gifts and help them to create memories for a lifetime.
best online flower delivery service in hyderabad

The times have changed a great deal this past couple of years, and with this, the shopping experience has also changed with the online shopping making news every other day. You can get anything online with just a click, and online florists are also not far from this trend. The best online flowers you can get your hands on are all present online. Flowers are such amazing gift that nobody can say no to them. They are beautiful and they smell just fantastic which is icing on the top. If you’re wondering about the best online flower delivery, then all you have to do is search and compare and read the reviews. It is very simple, and most people just go through it once and then they go straight to work. The change is not always bad sometimes it’s good and convenient that’s the same case for online flower delivery services as they have increased their sales these past years because of the many orders they receive.

Best online flowers way favorable

These online services came into lime light when some people ordered and got freshly delivered flowers on time. It was a problem before as before the invention of online flower website it was quite difficult to deliver flowers to a distant place on time and if by chance they were delivered it was highly disappointing to see stale flowers. It was a problem which was solved when they introduced online flowers. You can also order before hand funeral flowers online so that they can reach the recipient on time. It was always frown upon if someone comes to a funeral without bringing at least a flower bouquet and that too in white color. Every flower has significance and white represent care and serendipity therefore given in such a situation.[1]

You can order flowers online cheap because they have many deals going on every month and it makes perfect sense to order at that time. You can also ask them to alert you beforehand if the flowers you’re interested in are going to be on sale. The best online florists will always give some complimentary services with your order like free delivery and free wrapping paper, glitter, ribbons. Also with this come other gifts like soft toys and cake that you can add with your bouquet but for that, you have to pay.

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Flowers are the not expensive online

online flower delivery in hyderabad

People have a very biased opinion when it comes to online flower delivery services they think the delivery service will cost a great deal they are all myths. Some of the sites have free delivery services like the where you have free delivery services to all the locations that you want the bouquet to be delivered. It is known as the best online flower delivery website because of the reputation it holds in the flower delivery market. They have many different kinds of flower variety including cheap flower delivery to the recipient.[2]

Flowers are great for surprise element

Flower bouquet ordered from the best online flower delivery services which are delivered on time is a sight to behold. People love getting surprises that come wrapped up with a sweet message and fragrance to die for. Don’t stress too much and order online.

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Celebrating birthday is fun; especially for children. They wait for their birthday all year long. They love their birthdays for many perks like gifts, meeting their friends and of course, delicious cakes and cupcakes. But, the person who organizes the party and the person who bakes cake faces a tough time. They then prefer to order cupcakes online but, many times the cupcake delivery service fails to send cupcakes on time ruining the birthday party.

This is not just the case with birthday parties. People who often throw parties for anniversaries or any other occasion many times face a tough time when cupcake order that they placed fail to arrive on time. The best solution for this problem is to bake cupcakes in batches. But, there are many cupcakes selling online services that are the best places to buy cupcakes online as they offer the most phenomenal services to the buyers.[1]

Cupcake Delivery Services Online in Hyderabad

Many online cake bakers send cupcakes to their customers. As cupcakes make a compulsory appearance on many occasions, the online world offers excellent service in this respect. There are many online cake bakeries from where a customer can buy cupcakes for any occasion. These online bakeries sell cupcakes for occasions including birthday, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and many other occasions.

These online services sell delicious cupcakes and offer services like cupcake delivery, midnight delivery of cupcakes, same day cupcake delivery and much more. These services make the task very easy for the customers as they can buy cupcakes online without having to go to the bakery. They can place the cupcake order sitting at their home, their office or any other place.[2]

Cupcakes for Birthday Parties in Hyderabad 

No birthday party is complete without cupcakes. Even if it is a birthday party for your kid, your boyfriend or your mother; cupcakes need to make a compulsory presence in the party. People often place cupcake order from the online bakeries as they serve the platter of the customers.

The online bakeries bake cupcakes in various flavors like strawberry, blueberry, chocolate, butterscotch, vanilla, mixed fruits, carrot, lime, cheese cupcake, cinnamon, litchi, hazelnut and much more.

These cupcakes are then beautifully topped with many beautiful cupcake toppers and decorations. They bakers segregate the cupcakes for various occasions by decorating them with different cupcake toppers. The Christmas cupcakes are adorned with toppers that pertain to the occasion. Likewise, birthday cupcakes come with cupcake toppers that pertain to the occasion.

The customer can order the cupcakes online for the occasion of birthday and the online services deliver the cupcakes at the doorsteps of the buyers.

Birthday Cupcakes in Batch

When the online cake selling service could not get the birthday cupcakes delivered to the venue, you always have the option of baking cupcakes at home.

Many people shy away from baking cupcakes at home. They complain of not getting the best taste after baking cupcakes at home, and perfect baking cupcakes are out of the question when it is for a huge number of people.

But, perfect baking cupcakes is not that difficult. It is an easy task. There are several cupcakes recipes on the internet that can be used to bake perfect cupcakes. There are also certain cupcakes tutorials that teach step by step procedure to bake cupcakes. You can bake a cupcake in batch in any flavor you want.

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